Pet Place International, Inc.
Pet Place International has arrived!  

For the past 2 years Pet Place International has been
supporting various other rescues.  We are now operating
our own horse and dog rescue facility.  

We have found that many loving owners need to
relinquish their beloved dogs because they can no
longer afford to care for them.  In addition, millions of  
strays are ending up in shelters across the country.

Pet Place International rescues as many dogs as possible,
rehabilitates them if necessary, and places them in loving
Forever Homes.  

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Pet Place International
People helping people helping Animals...
Together we can make a difference!  

Millions of dogs are being euthanized every year. You
don't have to have an animal rescue organization to help
save an animal. Here are some of the ways you can get

Adopting or Fostering an animal; or by making a donation
to an Animal Rescue organization.  

Every little bit helps, and any contribution helps in a big

Together we can make a difference!

Be part of People helping People helping Animals!!!  

For more information, Contact
Joan (949) 683-5412

Thank you!  
Sincerely, Joan @ Pet Place International, Inc
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Pet Place International, Inc.
A non-profit 501c3 Animal Rescue

For the people who love animals and
the animals who need to be loved

Pet Place International, Inc. is
dedicated to rescuing dogs and
placing them in good homes with loving

Please call Pet Place International for up-coming
"Rockin' Dog Rescue & Fundraiser" Events:
(949)683-5412 (or check our facebook page)


Adoption locations, dates and time
Next adoption event
Check Back Soon!

Please fill out the forms from the home-page
ahead to save time and call to make sure your
dog is still available: (949)683-5412 or (949)
633-2153.  Thanks!  We'll see you there with
all of our adorable doggies.  They'll be there
with a big smile and tails wagging waiting for
their new family to take them home.  :-)

Rocco is now  
Donate by Check, to Pet Place International 26895 Aliso Creek Road, B307, Aliso Viejo CA 92656. Thank you!!!
Emma is a beautiful
German Shepherd.  
She is a bit shy, but
warms up very well in
no time.  She LOVES
to play all day.  She
needs a great family
who will spend time
playing with her.  She
is ready to go to her
new home now.
Madison is a Rotweiller
Shepherd mix.  She is
super sweet and loves
to play.  She gets along
with dogs and people
really well.  She is
super easy going, but
full of energy.  She's
still a puppy (6 months)
and needs training.  
She is ready to go to
the right home now.
Todo is a small Terrier
mix.  He's super cute
and friendly with
everyone.  Very
likeable and sweet.  He
will be ready for his
new family in July.  
Please check back on
his status.
Buffy is a Terrier-mix,
small-medium sized.  
She is super sweet and
loving.  She loves
people and other dogs.  
She will be ready for her
new home by the end of
June.  Please check
back on her status.
Rocco:  What a
character.  We love
Rocco; he is pure
joy.  He loves to
snuggle and needs
a mature couple,
perhaps, who has
time to spend with
him just cuddling.  
He is 10 years old
and will live to be
about 19 years old.  
He is ready to go to
his new home now
Terrance is a super
cute scruffy dude.  
He is curious and
fun-loving.  He will
be ready to go to his
new home in July.  
Please check back
on his status
Sasha is a sweet
Cocker; beautiful
color and is a
naturally beautiful
buff color.  She has a
quiet demeanor and
likes everyone.  She is
ready for her new
home now.
Dollar is a fun boy.  He
likes to play and is
frisky.  He get along
with other dogs and
likes everybody.  He's
eager to find his
"forever home" and is
ready for adoption now.
Alfred will be ready
to go to his new
home in JULY.  He's
sweet and loves to be
petted.  He's good
with people and
other pets.  He's super
cute and has a
beautiful silvery coat.
 Please check back
in July to bring Alfred
into your family!
Buster Brown:  This is
one lovable pup.  He's
super cute and
friendly.  He's very
compliant and is
looking for a good
home where he can
receive the love and
attention he deserves.  
He's the best!
Missy:  She is a good
little girl.  Lot's of
personality.  She
loves to run and play
and will be ready to
go to her new forever
home in July.  
Please check back
about this sweet girl.
Snoopy and PPI
Volunteer.  Snoopy
will be ready for his
new home this
weekend at Petco in
Mission Viejo
Koosh - ready for
adoption (special
needs); super fun,
sweet, and playful.
Lalo - Adopted to her new family 6-2010
Rocco and
volunteer; he's ready
for his new home this
weekend at Petco.
Rocco with
Amber: Available this
weekend at Petco
Mission Viejo
Ginger the Pit Puppy
ready for her new
home; she's very
exuberant; very fun!
Doggies at PPI Adoption
Lalo's adopted
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